How has Lviv prepared for a possible Russian attack

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What to do in case of water and electricity outages, will there be enough medicine in the city and the region, and where refugees will be hosted?

Are Lviv and the region provided with medicines and blood reserves?

Lviv started preparing for possible extreme situations six months ago. In particular, it was decided to significantly increase blood reserves. An underground operating room and an inpatient ward will be set up at the Lviv Ambulance Hospital. Lviv also has a three-month supply of medicines and bandages.

The necessary stock of medicines is being replenished in the Lviv region as well. Additional departments will be deployed on the basis of hospitals.

How will electricity be supplied?

The City Council assures that all utilities in medical institutions of Lviv are brought to the appropriate level - there are water supplies, diesel generators. It was also decided to provide alternative power sources and significantly increase the number of generators.

Hospitals have also been required to have two independent power sources.

How will water be supplied?

In the absence of electricity, Lviv is ready to provide residents with a sanitary volume of water so that they can function properly. Enterprises, institutions, educational institutions that have swimming pools should fill them with water in case of an emergency. A survey of water sources should also be conducted for their use.

Is it worth withdrawing all the money from the bank account?

According to economist Andrii Novak, there are no real reasons for the devastation of bank accounts. Public finances at a safe level. In addition, Ukraine receives both military and financial assistance from Western partners.

Where would migrants and refugees be accommodated?

The city will prepare appropriate premises for them. Lviv churches are also ready to take care of internally displaced persons and provide their basements for this purpose.

Also, there are health resorts in the Lviv region, such as Morshyn, Truskavets, Skhidnytsia, a total of about 30 thousand places. Moreover, there is a large number of apartments for rent, new buildings, hotels, hostels.

Can Ukraine close its borders?

There are no such talks. There was a threat of closure of Ukraine's airspace, but the government allocated UAH 17 billion, which stabilized the situation in the air transportation market.

Does Lviv have enough shelters?

There are about six thousand shelters in Lviv. The city assures that this should be enough for the safe stay of all residents. Shelters are located in the underground rooms of residential buildings and shopping centres. In case of emergency, students will be transferred to distance learning. The temples of Lviv will also provide shelters.

Is Lviv ready to host those fleeing from hostilities?

The Military Medical Clinical Centre of the Western Region has allocated most of its beds that can be used in case of the Russian invasion. "The institution is able to provide assistance," says Olha Zachepa, head of the hospital's intensive care unit.

When the State Security Service should be called?

Against the background of a tense situation with a possible Russian military invasion, various provocations and the actions of sabotage groups are expected in Lviv. The Security Service of Ukraine in the Lviv region warns of the appearance of Russian-speaking people of athletic build who arrived for provocations in the region. Residents are asked to report on all messengers by the phone number: +380664671077. Citizens are also asked to understand the situation when they might be stopped by police for the verification of documents.

How to join the Territorial Defense Forces?

The 103rd separate brigade of the Armed Forces Territorial Defence unit has updated the procedure and the list of documents required to sign a contract for serving in the military reserve. For more information, call the number: 15 80 or 063 027 62 84 (for Lviv residents); 096 080 69 87 (for residents of the region) or contact the military commissariat.

Olha Shveda, Yulia Osym, Sofia Shavranska


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